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Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne NV 750ml

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Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne NV

« The freshness, finesse, and brightness of Brut Premier make it the perfect wine for festive occasions. Its structured texture, richness, and length are distinctly winey. It is a full, complex wine that is both rich and powerful,
whilst remaining a great classic. »— Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master

Rating: WA92 & WS92

Wine Advocate
The NV Brut Premier is a gorgeous wine that stands head and shoulders above the vast majority of wines in its price range. Apparently, it is quite possible to make great Champagne that doesn’t cost a small fortune. Ripe pears, smoke, spices, dried flowers and herbs are some of the many nuances that emerge from the glass. The Brut Premier shows lovely mid-palate depth and fabulous overall balance. Chef de Caves Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon has done it again. This is a fabulous Brut Premier. The Brut Premier is based on the 2007 vintage, with approximately 20% 2006 wines and 10% older reserves going back to 1996. The blend is approximately 40% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Meunier and 40% Chardonnay. About 50% of the base wines underwent malolactic fermentation. Dosage is 9-10 grams per liter. 

Wine Spectator
A pretty note of apple blossom runs through this elegant Champagne, which is bright and juicy, offering flavors of green and yellow apple, tangerine and ground ginger, with a hint of graham cracker. Shows lovely texture, with a mouthwatering finish.

Louis Roederer 香檳為香檳之五大領導品牌之一,創立於1776年至今仍由 Roederer 家族經營,兩個世紀以來對香檳品質的講究是一貫之理念。Louis Roederer 香檳也是十九世紀譽俄國宮廷的香檳,在1876年 Louis Roederer二世更在沙皇的要求下,釀製出全世界第一款頂級香檳-水晶香檳Cristal。本酒廠旗下目前擁有214公頃的葡萄園,其產量能夠提供自家釀酒所需的七成左右,這在香檳區相同規模的酒廠來說是非常難得的,而更重要的是這讓路易.侯德爾得以掌握足夠的高品質原料來貫徹其追求極致的品質的釀酒哲學。無論是哪個香檳專家或是專門書籍所列出的香檳龍頭品牌,路易.侯德爾一定都名列其上,是香檳鑑賞家們絕對不會錯過的珍品。
Louis Roederer 沒有年份 ( non-vintage ) 的香檳,稱之為 Brut Premier,也是「沒有年份」香檳中的佼佼者,因為它陳年時間比一般的三至四年還要久。它由66%的黑皮諾與34%的夏多內調製而成,香檳流露出淡金 黃的色澤,相當吸引人。它帶有新鮮的花香,柑橘與蜂蜜香,口感持久。